Box Cushions

Jane Devonshire Interiors refresh box cushions for sofas, chairs, camper vans, bench seats and more.

We can supply any bespoke cushion​ in various fillings which includes feather, feather & down, pure down (100%) fibre or Quallofil.

These can be made into the following; box cushions, bolsters, scatters, T-shaped, L-shaped, or even using your own template.

We also offer feather/fibre and foam wraps.

Wrapped cushions are made up of a foam core which is then put inside a case with a choice of either feather, or fibre.

This gives you the softness of a feather, or fibre cushion without having to plump the cushions up regularly. The topper also helps soften the foam core.

Cushions can be made in a wide range of fabrics. See our fabrics page here.

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